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Mrs. Mist Spray

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This spray bottle has an 'easy touch' which makes it nice to use. The format is ideal to take with you if needed. No worries! There will be no spilling, the spray bottle has a closure! You never know when you can use a hair touch up, right?

Refreshing the hair is recommended if your hair quickly becomes frizzy, but also if your hair quickly becomes greasy. Do you exercise every day? Then refreshing the hair is also recommended. Daily washing is (of course!) not good for the hair. So you have a beautiful locks every day without damaging your hair.


- Put a tablespoon of leave-in or hair milk in the spray bottle and add 100 ml of water. Refresh your hair with this, day dry frizzy locks!

- Put 100 ml in the bottle and add 20 drops of essential lavender oil. Lavender oil has cleansing properties so you have an ideal combination to refresh your hair when it is greasy or after exercising. You can also add a tablespoon of aloe vera to this!


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